Where to Sell Old Stamps?


Where to sell stamps? It’s not a big question today. If there’re some or more unused stamps, which you bought from any of the US post offices or an authorized reseller, you can easily resell them. It’s legal to sell your stamps, at any price of your choice, necessarily not on the face value.

You can categorize the stamps, in two parts i.e., stamps issued before 1930 & after 1930. The stamps falling in the 2nd category, worth the value appearing on their face. You’re happy, to sell all such stamps, at par you have paid. It may be a surprising fact for your stamp collections hobby.

Stamps reselling, is all the way legal, as the eve rising inflationary cost tends to cause a continuous rising of postal stamps. Anyway, you will need approval from the Postal Authority, if you want to be an official stamp dealer.

You know, common stamp collectors focus on collecting unused stamps, but the rare stamps and old ones, carry good value even if they’re used.

Selling your Stamps in the United States:

Being a stamp collector, you’re well aware that stamps & stamp collections have a long history. You must have observed, there are millions of rare, and collectible stamps. They may be US stamps; foreign stamps; used stamps; Singles; Blocks; Sheets; Albums; Vintage stamps; Modern stamps, and so on so forth.

Your stamp collections habit or passion, is going to repay you, even if you want to sell off a part of it. You may stock stamps, with a good idea, either for future consumption or selling your stamps when the postage charges rise. Anyway, you will only get the financial benefit, provided you have a big collection of stamps. Only the frequent mail-senders purchase stamps in bulk.

You have some ways, to sell your stamps, from the stamp collection you own.

Stamp Collectors and Stamp Dealers:

The used stamps you have can be effortlessly sold to private stamp collectors, and stamp dealers. In the case of online selling stamps, its better you scan the stamp images instead of making a photograph. Scanning will give you a more accurate display of the stamp collections.

The auctioning & selling Websites, eBay being more familiar provide the best way to sell your stamps. The stamp collectors, gather the used stamps and either bid for them or buy as per the listed purchasing price.

You may also directly connect with stamp collectors, who themselves or through another stamp collector, will offer you a better price for your stamp collections. An easy way is to find a nearby stamp club, to make the thing more convenient. This is a time-saving process and will educate you about the price you get in return.

Selling on Consignment Basis:

You have to hire a professional, for selling your stamps on your own. This is called the selling of stamps on consignment. You will pay an amount as a commission but will get better value in the market on transparent realization terms.

The professionals are specialized and have vast experience in selling stamps. Selling through stamp dealers, is a good option.

Selling Unused Stamps, on Cash:

You may have a stamp stock of fresh, modern postal stamps. Then, a good percentage of the printed face value of stamps (stamp denomination), you will get. It’s a notable fact that in the United States, unused stamps carry a worthwhile face value.

You may use such unused stamps, to mail letters or get a reselling price that will not equal the face value. But, it’s a very common phenomenon in the stamp collection. All such selling/purchasing is carried in big stocks scenarios. Such trade occurs between 30 to 70% of the denominated value, according to the type & condition of stamps.

Stamp Shows:

Let’s search on Google & find a stamp Show, in the nearby vicinity to sell stamps. This is another quicker option, to get an easy return of your stamps. However, it is not a very good way to sell your stamps, in a lesser quantity because you have to rent a booth. Such shows act as stamp dealers.

The Renowned Stamp Dealers / Companies:

Sell your stamps or buy stamps? You have several ways, to satisfy the passion for stamps, you have had for a long time. The ways & options are open, just decide which one is the most suitable, and financially favorable.

Stamp collection is not only a passion, but a large number of people in the country get themselves involved in stamp collection, as a trade opportunity. Let’s know about a few of the most significant and experienced specialized firms & companies, which extend professional services of selling of buying the stamps.

1. West Coast Stamp Company:

You’re interested in selling your stamps. West Coast Stamp Company, is stamp collectors firm for the last 30 plus years, on American West Coast. Originally located in Fresno, CA the company has a country-wide network.

The West Coast Stamp Company provides the following services throughout America.

  • Buying the stamps, of any country & any size.
  • Free of cost, stamp collection appraisal.
  • The Company pays to ship for the stamp collection.

As a stamp dealer company, it owns a customer record of about 5000 stamp collectors, in 30 years, and claims the following initiatives.

  • The Company pays 50%, more than other buyers, same-day payment.
  • You can get a cash payment of unlimited stamp collection.
  • The insurance charges for both sides’ transportation are borne by the Company throughout the country, so the collection is 100 % secured.
  • Current market value is ensured, on retail & wholesale deals.

2. Mystic Stamp Company:

The Mystic Stamp Company is a stamp dealer entity, established in 1923 and is known to be the largest stamp buyers & stamp Company, in the USA. The Company claims to spend $70 Million, in the last 5 years for buying the stamps.

As a stamp dealer, the company offers the following characteristic services:

  • Under showcase offers, the company presents new services in US stamps, First Day Covers.
  • The Company trades in selling & buying of worldwide stamps.
  • The historical stamps of the US and all over the World are traded, on specific avenues displayed by the company. They support selling your stamps.
  • The pay on spot policy of the company, attracts stamp collectors and stamp buyers, with equal interest.

3. Miller’s Stamp Company:

The Miller Stamp Company especially deals in stamps of the pre-1930 period. The Company has a stamp selling & collection exposure of 50+ years, being established in Connecticut.

  • The Company, as a stamp dealer aims with little profit base, selling and purchasing of United States stamps, used singles, coils, booklets, Sheets & Covers.
  • The Company is a member of, American Stamp Dealers Association, & the American Philatelic Society. So the company enjoys the recognized reputation of dealing in stamps selling and buying.
  • A qualified stamp Appraiser & Auctioneers, like this Company, is a reliable name in stamp trading.
  • Miller’s Stamp Company, basically are known for selling stamps of the pre-1930 period.

4. Sotheby’s:

The rare stamp collectors have a trustable option to deal with this Company. It is an auction company, a specialist in collectibles.

You can sell your rare stamps on a consignment basis to a stamp dealer like Sotheby’s. The most valuable British stamps were sold at Company’s New York for a huge amount.

The first-ever stamp auction was conducted by Sotheby’s, in 1872, which shows the veteran stamp dealers’ status of the Company.

Sotheby’s is also known for fair-price dealers if you have stock & want to sell stamps on retail or wholesale levels. You can find a secured and reliable price for your collection, from such an old, experienced company.

Established in 1744, Sotheby’s is the name of the most trusted, dynamic, and world biggest market, for your confident stamp deals.

5. American Philatelic Society:

You can also sell your stamps, through the American Philatelic Society, provided you’re a member of APS which has been an establishment since 1886. Also, go & buy stamps.

You can opt for selling your stamps, either through the circuit mail sales or by online selling at the APS website. However, a regular membership of APS can benefit if you’re interested in a regular business of stamp trading.

The APS provides reliable services of selling and buying your stamps, at discounted value as a member. The non-members can only sell stamps, online. The APS satisfies your question of, where to sell stamps?

The APS, being one of the largest stamp collecting organizations always focuses to make it valuable exposure for stamp collectors.

6. WorldwideStamps.com:

The A to Z / Worldwide Stamps is in selling & buying the stamps, since the year 1984. The company deals in stamps of different countries, based on country-wise management, albums. Member

Worldwide Stamps are regular of American Philatelic Society, American Topical Association, and American Stamp Dealers Association.

From where I should buy stamps? If not satisfied for any reason, you can return the bought stamps, to the Company. The company assigns great value to the stamp & collecting stamps. You have a passion for collecting, buying, and holding stamps, as a highly valuable hobby.

So, the longer experience you gain, stamp collection will turn into a trading passion also. Here, you need a reliable organization to deal with. Worldwide Stamp is one of them, you can trust.


Q, 1: Is the online selling process easy?

Answer: Yes; a good set-up has been established by each company.

Q, 2: Whom can I trust, sell my stamps?

Answer: Deal with authorized dealers.

Q, 3: Where can I get the most value?

Answer: Please study this article, make research.

Q, 4: How fast the payment is?

Answer: Payment in no time.


The United States of America is a country where a large number of companies, organizations & online dealing firms are engaged in the sell/buy of stamps of all categories, for the last many decades.

Where to sell stamps & buy stamps? Let us visit stamp dealers. You will find an equal number of people, who purchase, hold, collect & sell stamps as passion, trade, want of gaining, etc.

The persons and entities or stamp dealers, involved in this trade are well aware of the value, rare stamps carry. Rare and old stamps, Collecting the stamps of ancient times, different eras, of specific occasions & memorable, and relating to highly recognizable, worldwide events.

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