How many stamps in a book of stamps?

There are over 14 billion letters and 1 billion parcels mailed each year. That is a lot of stamps stuck onto the top righthand corner of an envelope or package.

When was the last time you made use of the US Postal Service? And more importantly, how many stamps are there in a book of stamps?

How Many stamps in a book of stamps?

Different books of stamps

Postage stamps are available in the following forms:

  • Booklets


Stamp booklets came out in the late 1800s due to popularity and demand. A booklet is a set of stamps printed with one or more sheets of postage stamps with a colorful cardboard cover.

Traditionally a booklet of stamps has 10 or 20 stamps inside, bound on the left-hand side with a spine.

  • Sheets

Sheet stamps contain 20 stamps per sheet with the same image on each stamp, enclosed in a protective cardboard cover.

  • Coils


Coil stamps in the United States came about through an experiment with vending machines.

Production of coils came about for those who wanted larger volumes that did not come in large, perforated sheets. Stamp coils are produced as non-denominational stamps and can be used year after year despite increases.

Coils contain one row of stamps rolled up into quantities of 100 or more, going up to as much as 10 000. Collectors today can get as much as $130 000 for a rare 1-c vertical coil.

  • Sheetlets


Sheetlets come with traditional stamps enclosed in a cardboard cover with 16 to 20 inside. They are different with a design or text along the margin.

There are a variety of stamps that you can buy for different purposes.

Common postage stamps

  • One Ounce Price Forever Stamp

The Forever stamp maintains its value regardless of when you buy them. A Forever stamp has the same value as a First-Class Mail one-ounce stamp.

  • Additional One Ounce Forever Stamp

The words “Additional Ounce” indicates the usage capacity of this stamp. These stamps will also maintain their value at the printed rate.

  • Presorted Stamps

Presorted stamps are for marketing material and, First-class mail and are available to permit holders with Mailing Permits and Business Mail Entry Induction.

  • Postcard Stamps

Postcard stamps have the word postcard printed on them for their value and usage capacity. A postcard stamp will maintain its value in the same way as the Forever Stamp.

Denomination Stamps

Definitive stamps add to original stamps purchased before a rate increase. A denomination stamp applies in conjunction with another stamp that is no longer sufficient for meeting current postage rates.

There are two types of denominative stamps:

  • Priority Mail Express Stamps
  • Priority Mail Stamps

Non-Denominative Stamps

Here we have stamps that do not have a face value attached to them. Most often, they come in the form of stamped envelopes and cards.

Forever Stamps

Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are stamps that you can purchase, and they will never lose their value. No matter when you buy them and use them, they stay valid and current and represent the value of a one-ounce first-class mail stamp.

Forever stamps come in a book of 20, are covered in a protective cardboard outer package, and have all the specs of a traditional stamp. The paper is the same and, they have perforated edges for easy use and application.

Forever Stamps usually pay tribute to commemorative events or people. Forever stamps pay tribute to athletes, artists, milestones in history, and natural wonders.

Semipostal Stamps

Semipostal Stamps

Semipostal stamps raise money for programs dedicated to the research of causes that are of national interest.

Focussing on causes such as Breast Cancer and vanishing species of animals the Semipostal stamp program raises funding in support of research and development for these causes.


NetStamps are akin to regular stamps with no expiration date, and they have no value printed on them.

Where can stamps be purchased?

The most common place to purchase your book of stamps is at the post office. Here you can opt for just the amount you need, or you can buy a book. You can also get the Forever stamps and stamp collectible books from the post office.

Some large retail outlets stock stamps, as do certain pharmacies and banks. All you need to do is check for the nearest outlet to you and go shopping.

If you are not keen on going out and about, you can also buy stamps online through sites like Amazon. Stamps

Amazon offers coils of 100 postage stamps or the traditional book of stamps. You can even get Forever stamps online. There is also a stamp dispenser that you can buy online to store your roll of stamps

for ease of use. Another set of alternatives where stamp collections can be found but are not as common are the library and even some gas stations.

In closing

Collecting stamps may not be on the cards for everyone. At some point in your life, you will need one.

Stamps have been around for years and are here to stay because nothing will take away that nostalgic feeling of mailing a letter.

Happy posting.

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