Does Walgreens sell stamps?

If you are not close to a post office, where can you buy stamps close to you?

Walgreens has been around for 120 years, founded in Chicago, Illinois, and over 9000 stores distributed throughout the US. This megastore is the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States.

In 2013 Walgreens announced opening their first green store that ran entirely off wind turbines and solar panels.

When it’s late at night, you suddenly have an emergency akin to a sick child that needs medication?

Is there a store you can go to that allows you a little more freedom with time and what is available there? And not just for your medication, for other items that you may require out of the blue.

Statistics estimate that 75% of Americans will have a Walgreens within a 5km radius.

Does Walgreens sell stamps?

Walgreens may offer a range of products but, they also stock stamps.

Stamps that Walgreens sells include:

  • You can buy one stamp, a sheet of 6 or 20 stamps depending on the store.
  • There are also stamps called the Forever stamps. These are stamps that the USPS makes for users that never lose their value. They come in sheets of 20.

A Forever stamp can be bought today and hold its value for years without the user having to pay additional postage fees.

Forever stamps are manufactured to support causes like breast cancer research or a species of an animal becoming extinct.

All the stamps are the same as those you can buy at your local post office and are just as valid.

Stamps in the US come in many designs. Different designs will indicate the country they are from and the year manufactured. New designs bring new books and styles into the view of collectors.

Every year the United States Post Office publishes a new book of collectible stamps for all stamp enthusiasts. Some years offer as many as 70 new collectible stamps.

All the stamps bought at Walgreens are official akin to those at the USPS used to post small packages and envelopes around the country.

Why Walgreens?

Walgreens offers a range of products, including stamps and, it only makes sense that instead of going out to a post office on an additional trip, you can buy them at Walgreens.

Walgreens offers you the same range you could get at the local post office and even the Forever range.

A big part of the appeal to Walgreens is that you can buy the stamps while you are in the store or, you can go to their online shop to buy them there.

The online shop is so versatile that you can renew your prescription drugs and buy stamps in one go. You can even set an auto-reorder function on the online store to replenish the orders that you have previously made.

Your stamp purchases are not eligible for a discount at Walgreens, but they do count towards your Walgreens Balance Rewards.

What stamps can’t you buy at Walgreens?

The stamps that are not available at Walgreens but are at your local post office or online are:

  • Coils – this is a roll of stamps sold in quantities of 100 up to 10 000. They are all the same design with perforations in between for easy use.
  • Sheetlets – here stamps come in fewer quantities for those not needing as much. Sheetlets have a different design with words or an image along the left side. There are 16 to 20 stamps in a sheetlet.
  • Booklets – Stamps bound into a book with five stamps per page and a spine keeping them together.

What else does Walgreens offer?

Walgreens is first and foremost a pharmacy offering a variety of products in the medical field. From over-the-counter medication to prescription drugs, they have it all.

Walgreens shopping gives you access to personal care products, household cleaning products, and vaccines.

Walking through the aisles of a Walgreens, you will find your favorite makeup products and make sure that your kids back to school items are ready for school.

Pet lovers will be happy to find all the items that you need for your pets. A megastore that gives you toys, food, and treats for your beloved animals.

Electronics such as earphones and other small electronic items and even groceries from frozen foods to snacks are all tucked away in their dedicated sections within the store.

And when that party gets away from you, there is a small variety of alcohol and party snacks that you can get from Walgreens. It’s safe to say that Walgreens is your one-stop-shop.

Not only can you get almost anything that you need from Walgreens, but they are also open from early morning to late evening every day of the week. This store is one of the most accessible chains around.

Closing off

Walgreens is the perfect place to make several purchases for your home, from groceries, personal care, beauty, and food to your pet products that you need.

Being able to make your day-to-day purchases and have the added benefit of stamps allows you more freedom from one of the biggest chains in the US. Their long operating hours add to the list makes Walgreens the one-stop destination of choice.

If driving a mere 5km to find this all-in-one stop, what more could you possibly need?

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