About Us

Hello, I am your stamp helper brad timothy. I am a professional stamp collector & seller on various online platforms. During my teenage days, my grandpa grown interest of collecting stamps, currencies of different countries & train tickets.

I am collecting these stuff as a passion. And, with experience of stamp collection, I’ve learned about many sources of stamps, availability of stamps & about its history.

This blog is created with an intention of helping fellow stamps enthusiasts to get their best stamps.

Apart from that, I’ll be sharing some nice & helpful information about various types of stamps, about how many stamps do you need for particular post or mail etc over here on this blog.

Moreover, being a professional stamp seller, I’m holding 5-star ratings on more than 6 online platforms. Yeah, people like to get stamps from me because of my passion and helpfulness.

Here on this blog, you’ll get all essential information regarding following topics in general.

  • Where to buy stamps (depending on stamp type, post type, & location)
  • How much a particular type of stamps cost?
  • How many stamps do you need?
  • Which local store sells or doesn’t sell the stamps you need?

Yeah, my motive is to spread awareness about our traditional communication methodologies and hence I’d keep my mission active by providing all essential information to my readers with help of this blog.

So, now, let’s make shipping, postage & traditional mailing a fun activity with help of MyStampHelper.

In case, you’ve any query, concern or issue regarding your local postage or shipping then let’s know with help of our contact us page. We respond spontaneously.